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At Wireox we strive to lead in wireless related distribution of consumer electronics. Wireox designs & distributes brands such as: MVolt, M! Accessories, the Fast Charger, Fast Action Cam, Energy Sticks along with brands like: Apple, Samsung, LG, HTC and many more.


Since 2007 Wireox has envisioned itself as a “One Box Wireless Solution” for wireless accessories. Following our vision, we have designed progressive solutions to meet our customers growing needs; from Big-Box retailers and small cell phone shops to online stores.

Products & Services

Since 2007 Wireox has been serving consumer electronic wholesalers. Consider Wireox as a "One Box Wireless Solution" for all your mobile phone accessories wholesale needs.

Our team has developed a state of the art inventory system that holds over 3000 line items and keep track of Millions of items transactions. An Online system / portal that allows our resellers to pick and buy products online, Product presentations has made it easier for our customers to understand it and our offering of the lowest prices has made it easy for them to compare and decide.

Our website www.wireox.com provides product details including quantities available and prices. An order can be completed and submitted online with quick invoicing and tracking. Best customer service is our core so any one can call us as needed and we are happy to serve resellers over the phone. Resellers have been enjoying the feature of our system that allows them to view their current and past invoices, balances purchase history online as well as setting up different shipping locations under the same account.

A master account can set up sub level child accounts like setting up local resellers for a regional distributor with a pricing control module and profit earnings with these sub accounts like residual.

A very basic accessory for a Phone is a Home charger or a Car charger Wireox wholesale and distributes cell phone chargers with a quality and price like no other can do it.

We stock to wholesale and distribute a huge variety of Chargers from all qualities including the higher end 3.1A or 3100 mAh power to 1A or 1000 mAh power adopters. 2.1A or 2100 mAh charger has been in demand because of iPad requirements. A Lot of the Android phones use Micro USB connector chargers and Wireox stocks them all, Any Wholesaler, Distributor or reseller looking for android based Samsung, LG, HTC, Nokia or any other phone can be served confidently.

We carefully select the different power requirements of android based micro usb home and car charges for our wholesalers and distributors. A typical range of home charges can be ranged between 550 mAh to 4000 mAh. This is a lot of items to carry but Wireox does it all for its distribution channels. A growing demand of Charging Cubes has let us created a whole new section of different home cube chargers.

New generation of accessories demand power cables separated from power charger or adaptors, these are also know as data cables . These cables serves both purposes of drawing power and transferring data. As a one box wireless solution we stock power cables for apple iphones to older model Motorola and Nokia phones. We offer the best cheapest prices for wholesalers and distributors for these iphone cables and micro usb cables also known as android or Samsung cables.

Wireox proudly announces to be among the few companies who stock and distribute 6 feet long iphone 5 cable and 6feet long Micro USB cable.

A reliable phone needs a reliable battery and charge, Wireox distribute and wholesale mobile phone batteries of all brands and models. We carry OEM batteries for most phones models including Samsung, LG, HTC, NOKIA, Apple, ZTE, Hauwai, and many others.

Big and higher capacity batteries like Samsung Galaxy S3, S4 or Samsung NOTE3 are mostly available in stock; we also distribute batteries with extended capacities, also known as generic batteries for mobile phones. Any make or model of the phone, chances are we have that battery in stock available for wholesale or distribute.

Like chargers, batteries range from smaller capacities like 1000 mAh to 2000 mAh. Quality of a battery is determined on its capacity and Wireox has established itself as a Best quality battery supplier in the market for all kind of mobile phone batteries.

Wireox has always offered great prices for those who are looking to distribute and wholesale Micro SD cards, also known as Memory Card, of different capacities e.g., 2GB, 4GB, 8GB and 16GB. Kingston, SanDisk and Samsung are just some of the brands of memory that Wireox carries.

Wireox carries and supplies more than 3000 cellular phone accessories, among that cell phone earpiece, hands free are very popular, we carry more than 100 designs and styles of stereo head phones and ear phones. Our wholesale prices are the cheapest as we provide our customers with factory direct prices with minimum profit margin.

A cheaper or lesser prices does not mean that we do not care about the quality, we have been able to offer cheaper prices because of low profit margins and have been very successful in maintaining our quality, As an example our rate of return is less than 2% on any item we wholesale or distribute, that is clearly lower than industry standards where others have 7% to 10% inventory return rate at wholesale level.

Bluetooth earpiece has been a problem child for the industry in terms of quality, there has been several factors that cause the return, for example not pairing, voice quality, batteries not charging etc. in our distribution and wholesale of Bluetooth products we have been very careful about the quality and maintained a cheaper Bluetooth price then our competitors with the least returns of about 2.5%. Bluetooth speakers and Bluetooth headphones are with extreme quality and we have a Bluetooth headphones that we have been selling for over 3 years because of the quality and performance that last over 20 hours music time.

Speaking about Bluetooth products, Wireox has launched a line of Bennie hat models with built-in Bluetooth speakers or headphones. We are offering different fabric quality and colors for these warm winter Bluetooth hats also called Bennie.

Apart from some of the very basic wireless accessories that Wireox wholesale and distribute at factory prices, we carry some extended accessories that work with your USB port. These USB Accessories actually draw power from your USB port of either a desktop or laptop computer and run items like USB Fan, USB pencil Sharpener, USB lights and many other different kinds.

Phones have become a part of every life style whether you are driving a car or riding a bicycle, we offer a wholesale price for Mounts that holds your phone in car or bike or at home. Based on our experience a clip or suction cup has to be very carefully designed for these Mounts to maintain the quality and we offer the best quality Mounts for car and Bicycle, these are universal Mounts that can be used from any Lg, Samsung, HTC or Apple iPhone to a small iPod or iPad.

Talking about holding devices Wireox also offers a wide variety of belt clip Pouches . Our selection of Leather Pouches (PU) range from small and medium size phones to large and big screen Pouches for NOTE 3 style screen. Wireox has designed Pouches that have extra pockets to hold your ID and Credit Cards with your phone. These Credit card Pouches are designed with safety of the products in mind and have double belt clips that reduces the chance of anyone loosing the pouch at all.

Wireox Team


Detroit, the Motor City. A town remembered for Thomas Edison, Henry Ford and many others. Red Wings, Tigers and Pistons not far from us. We are located on: 852 East 9 Mile Road, Ferndale MI 48220, USA.

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Our office hours are 9:00 AM to 5:30 PM (EST)
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E-mail: support@wireox.com

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